Wednesday, June 6, 2012

May Be Away For A While

My internet is down for a while, so I will not be able to post much. I really miss blogging. Thanks for all the page views! 

In the mean time, I'd like to suggest some movies for you. 

Where the Wild Things Are - I never read this book as a child, but I loved the movie. There is something so fun, but also eerily creepy about it. I love how they just throw each other around and bash things when they play or argue. Sleeping in a "real pile" was the highlight of the movie for me. I could just feel the security of sleeping under a pile of monsters. This movie was a bit confusing for me; I just didn't get it. Nonetheless, I loved it.

War Horse - This movie was great, but I think I expected too much, so I was a little disappointed.  I loved this horses, but I truly hate seeing all the scenes where they are hurt. It was a good story, but was not a magnificent storyline as expected.

Avatar - We rewatched this movie this week. PHE-NOM-IN-ALL! LOL

Being Elmo - This is a documentary about the muppetteer who "is" Elmo. It is an amazing story of how he knew from a very young age that that is what he loved and he made a career out of it. I wish that I could find something I love so much and follow it through to make a living from it. The drive he had made me jealous. I get bored with things so easily.

Word Wars - I have recently been hooked on word games. This documentary is about 4 guys who are Scrabble pros and it follows them through some tournaments and ultimately to the nationals. I liked this movie because I am addicted to word games!

Game Suggestions - If you love word games like I do, I suggest playing Words With Friends and Word Hero. Word Hero is a game I found somewhat recently. It is an app I downloaded on my Kindle. You play online with everyone else in the world that is playing at the time. They give you a board with random letters and you have to find all the words in can in a short time period. It is so fun. 

I've had SO much going on here lately that has really just been too emotionally draining to write about, so I haven't written in a while. I hope that I can sit down and really get it all out soon. Hope you all are doing well! Leave me a comment if you have some time. 




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